Take Action!

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Do not delay in contacting us for your CWA or State Water Quality permit assistance.  Depending on what state you are in, permits can take up to several years to process.  Most permits are valid for five years.  If you are issued a permit, it does not obligate you to construct. If you have long term construction plans, keep that property maintained in existing conditions (keep berms mowed, fallow fields bush hogged, drainage,).  NOTE:  It is always a good idea to get written permission from the Corps and State that no permit will be required to clean out a ditch.  Many ditches replaced natural streams and a permit may be required to clean them out.  Do not let disposal berms grow up with woody vegetation.

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Do not delay in contacting Osment Environmental Consulting to assess your timber or green tree reservoir.  It may take hundreds of years for a bottom land hardwood forest to reach maturity and rate of succession and only 2 years or less of bad management to convert it to a beaver pond.  We use the Hydro Geomorphic Assessment to determine the overall health of your property.  We use an increment borer to identify the rate of growth by measuring distance between growth rings.  These methods do not harm the trees and provide a wealth of information.

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Let' get started managing your property for white tail deer, turkey and/or waterfowl.  Providing hunting opportunities allows another method of income for many.  It is also a great way to wine and dine your clients. 

We look forward to working with you.