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We provide assistance to property owners and developers who need environmental permits for their proposed work that involve a deposition of earthen or fill material into a Water of the United States (wotus).  Specifically, we help with Section 404 Clean Water Act and Section 10 Rivers and Harbors Act Permits required from the Corps of Engineers.  I am retired from the Corps of Engineers, Memphis District, Regulatory Branch of 17 yrs and ready to work for you.


Waters of the U.S. can include:

  • streams 

  • creeks

  • rivers

  • lakes

  •  oceans

  • wetlands

The definition of waters of the U.S. and the scope of the jurisdictional waters change with court cases, new laws and president's orders.  Osment Environmental Consulting monitors these cases and stay knowledgeable of their definitions as they relate to your permit needs.

Waters of the U.S. include forested swamps.

Waters of the U.S. include forested swamps.

Note:  Many bottomland hardwoods in southeast may be jurisdictional Waters of the US.

Note:  Many bottomland hardwoods in southeast may be jurisdictional Waters of the US.

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if construction occurs on a navigable water way, a Section 10 of the rivers and harbors act is also required.

We Can Help You Obtain Environmental Permits For Your Construction needs whether it is:

Construction of Mooring Facility

Construction of Mooring Facility

constructing a mooring facility


constructing a levee to protect your farm


or constructing a green tree reservoir

  • We help you to plan your project design to meet your needs and concur with what the environmental agencies want 
  • We meet with State and Federal Agencies throughout the entire permitting process
  • We conduct delineation of Regulated Waters of the US on your project site
  • We produce and submit a permit application to The Corps of Engineers and State Water Quality Office
  • We Design and Monitor Mitigation
  • We design, manage and monitor green tree reservoirs to provide hunting opportunities
  • we manage timber and logging operations to protect your future investments,
  • We manage your property for turkey, deer, waterfowl, etc.

Our End goal is to keep you in compliance with environmental laws and meet or exceed your construction goals